Rugby Ohio

  1. Member Login - If you are registering on-line for the first time you must click the "Register now" link to get started. If you have already completed the on-line registration process for one or more players and wish to register for another Rugby Ohio (RO) program, add a player or modify your information simply enter the email address used when registering and your password.

    If you have forgotten your password, enter your "e-mail address" and click the "Get an email reminder" link to receive your password via email.

  2. Contact Information - The 1st step is required for all players who wish to participate in Rugby Ohio during the season. This Contact Information is required and is used to create team rosters and communicate with RO players and family during the Rugby season. All fields denoted with an '*' are required.

  3. Player Information - Player information must be provided for all participants wishing to participate in Rugby Ohio during the season. All players must have completed the registration process (including payment of registration fee) and be placed on an official RO roster to participate in any practice or games. All player "Personal Information" fields are required. Please completely read the "Unconditional Release Of Liability" statement before clicking the "Submit" button.

  4. Summary - Payment Information - A summary sheet is provided indicating family and player RO registration choices with options to change and add player information. Fees are calculated and summarized. No RO registration is valid until all fees have been paid.

    REFUND POLICY: RO does not refund registration fees, all payment transactions are final.